Surprisingly Simple Health Tips for Your Home

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Everyone wants to feel better. Health is the most treasured aspect of human life though it’s all-to-often neglected. Whether finding the best mattress for your sleeping position is your priority or removing toxic chemicals from under your sink—there are simple ways to feel better without moving Heaven and Earth. Step one: want to feel better!

Keeping Things Simple

The quickest way to screw something up is to make it more complicated than necessary. This includes your taxes, your dinner, and even how you makeup your bed in the morning (do you tuck in your mattress topper with your mattress protector, or after?) Just kidding, but seriously: don’t make things more difficult than they need to be!

If you’re willing to put in just a little bit of effort you’re likely to see big improvements quickly.

I thought I’d write down some tips for anyone looking to find ways to feel better by making simple tweaks to their lifestyles. This isn’t about eating healthier or getting more exercise, though each will likely help. These tips are minimal effort maximum return type ideas that I’ve come to know and love. That means that if you’re willing to put in just a little bit of effort you’re likely to see big improvements quickly.

Don’t Leave Clothes Laying Around

messy room with clothes laying around

Sickness can spread in all kinds of crazy ways. Whether you’re trying to avoid the flu, some exotic virus, or maybe just whatever has your kid coughing—the steps are pretty similar. Ok, if someone has Ebola the steps are probably different!

One way to limit how effectively bacteria and viruses are able to spread is by limiting what they’re able to spread to. Everything you leave laying around the house in the same air that everyone is breathing is likely pick up any germs floating around there.

Don’t leave your laundry laying around on your dresser or chairs. Fold it, put it up, get it out when you want to wear it, and then put it back up. For those playing on expert mode (single mom, three kids, flu season) try washing everything between uses as well.

Find the Best Mattress for Your Sleeping Style

Soft mattress with white linens

What do stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers have in common? NOTHING. Ok, that’s a bit over-zealous but the point is this: different mattress types offer different benefits depending on how you’re sleeping at night. Really soft mattresses with pillow tops are horrible for stomach sleepers (back pain much?) while really firm mattresses are a joke to side sleepers (ow! my knees!)

Some of the best mattresses on the market are designed with these different types of sleeping styles in mind. You’ll find that, given a mattress that suits your needs best, sweet slumber will come easier, last longer, and be interrupted less often. If you’ve read through any mattress reviews lately you’ve probably realized that now is the time to buy! Memory foam mattresses can ship straight to your house, are easy to set up, and come with serious warranties. Pro tip: wait until any random holiday to buy (all mattress brands use any excuse for a sale!)

Use Natural Cleaning Compounds When Possible

safe and natural cleaning products

It’s crazy to think that we spend a third of our lives sleeping. That means that buying that new mattress will effect 33% percent of your day, every single day you sleep at home. Much like mattresses, the products we use to clean our homes, wash our clothes, and to support personal hygiene have wide-reaching impact on our daily lives. For example, what percentage of your life are you wearing clothes? Probably a lot.

Natural and organic cleaning products don’t always get the job done. Sometimes you needs Clorox to take a stain out of your kids sports jerseys and no amount of Borax is going to cut the butter. On the other hand, for regular loads of laundry a little Borax and essential oil might do the trick. Whatever your poison—it doesn’t matter—the key is to use as natural a compound as possible to get the job done. Don’t go full-on hippy when you need to get rid of something nasty but your body will thank you for keeping things natural when possible!

Break up Annoying Tasks into Smaller Tasks


Let’s say you’re a teacher. Let’s say you have 150+ papers to grade. Let’s say you’ve got 1 weekend to do it in. Some people might try to cram everything in on Sunday—allowing themselves to fully enjoy Friday and Saturday. After all, bars don’t have ladies night on Sundays for a reason! The thing is, this absolutely tanks one’s efficiency. To get things done quickly and efficiently one needs to break larger tasks into smaller ones.

Divide and conquer—the age-old, time-tested, pillar of warfare that has built nations since the dawn of humanity. Anyone that’s every know a teacher before knows that drawing parallels between their responsibilities and that of a wartime General’s isn’t that far-fetched of a concept. So take those papers, break them into classes, break those classes into groups, and tackle each group at a time.

Think Holistically and Enjoy Yourself

These tips aren’t magic tricks. You won’t go from zero to hero just by switching your laundry detergent out to something more eco-friendly. When such tips are implemented throughout one’s life, continuously—that’s when the magic starts happening. The trick? Rather than bending over to whatever life throws your way you’ll start becoming an agent of positive change. That’s what feeling better really boils down to in my opinion—knowing that you want to feel better and taking steps to get there!