About Us

RSA Volunteers

At RSA we try to help share our knowledge and experience with as many other local groups as possible, hoping to help make us all more effective in how we approach our local activism. There are a great many ways in which any group can approach their respective causes, and some may work better than others. It’s this regard that offers us the belief that by sharing our individual experiences with one another—successes and failures alike—that we may be able to help learn from each other and become more effective as a whole.

There are no greater causes in this world than those which aim to help others, but sometimes a lack of effectiveness can create more damage than it can do good. It’s for this reason that the spread of effective experiences is paramount and able to help us all thrive as we strive to help other’s lives. Follow our posts for insights into our local issues and experiences as well as shared experiences from others that may help your local group become more effective and productive as a whole.